Posted on: October 22, 2008 5:39 pm

Thoughts on Pacers season

For the first time in a while I can say I am looking forward to the upcoming  Pacers season.  I know they won't win alot of games and they might not make the playoffs.  The team they have now is one I can root for and support.  The rookies are looking good and they got rid of Shawne Williams and want to get rid of Tinsley.  If anyone will ever take him.  Jermaine had to go and I think its better for both him and the team.  I am really looking forward to watching this new team to learn and play together.  Maybe not this season or enxt but in a few years I think we may be come a title contender.
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Posted on: October 22, 2008 5:32 pm

Colts over paying players

Marivn Harrison has looked ok since coming back from his injury last season but not 13 million a year good.   I just think maybe its time for the Colts and Harrison try and restructure his contract for the good of the team.  If he doesnt then cut him.    Bob Sanders as well.   Is he a great player? Yes.    But how can you justify paying a guy who cant ever play a full season.  I guess I am getting tired of seeing the Colts over pay for some of these players.  Robert Mathis is another guy who I think the Colts are over paying.  Sure he's great if the Colts have a lead but lately that hasnt been the case and he hasn't done much.   Bob Sanders is a top 3 safety in the league when healthy.  You just never know when that will be and for how long.  Yes he came back and helped in 06.  This season the Colts may be out of the playoffs because he is out again.  Marvins is defenitly the worst of all of the others IMO.  I respect what he has done as a Colts fan but I think he is hurting the team more than helping. 
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Posted on: September 17, 2008 8:13 pm

GEM merger with Bill Davis

  Even though Jayski is saying its not gonna happen I think it should.  GEM would get a fourth car in the top 35.  A manufacturer in Toyota that will support their teams and a chance to win.  I know they have won races with dodge I think that they would be more competitive week in and week out with Toyota.  Since Petty gets their engines from GEM maybe they would switch too.   Finally we would really get to see what Kasey Kahne could do.  I guess they could stick with Dodge and be an average team but why?   Dodge needs to either step up their racing program or just get out of the sport.  Then maybe they could get some drivers to fill their cars other then Elliott Sadler and Reed Sorenson.   I know alot of people here are Yota haters but atleast they give 100% to their race teams.   IT may even give Petty Enterprises the chance to be atleast a middle of the pack team.  Athough they do have some other issues too.  A solid engine program and manufacturer support would give them a big boost.



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Posted on: August 9, 2008 7:12 pm

Drivers moving up to soon

Brad Coleman joined Hall of Fame racing to replace the struggling JJ Yeley.  He is going to fail just like JJ did.   They move these kids up into Sprint Cup and they hardly have any other experience and then fire them as quick as they hired them for failing.   What do they expect?   Some guys like Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon really didnt need the experience but most do.   I think if JJ Yeley had more time in the Nationwide Series he could have wound up an ok driver.   Now all he will ever be is a Nationwide or truck series regular.  Give them more of a chance to learn about the cars and how to drive them.   Casey Mears, Brendan Gaughan, Jamie McMurray and some others are all guys who would have benifited in my opinion with more time in the lower ranks of NASCAR.  It also doesn't help when its a young driver like Brad Coleman joining a team like Hall of Fame racing which is not a great team to begin with.
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